The challenges of virtual sales meetings

I’ve just finished delivering a micro-training course on how to run engaging virtual sales meetings. It’s a bit of a hot topic at the moment, because many salespeople are feeling like fish out of water when they can’t use the tried and trusted techniques of walking into someone’s office, complimenting that person on the sales chart on the wall, the family photo on their desk, or the prize stuffed cod hanging above their desk, then blitzing the sales presentation through charm alone. Yes, once upon a time, sales trainers taught that these were great sales techniques to break the ice and build rapport.

Except they never worked. Even face to face.

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What salespeople need to know about LinkedIn®

Today’s rant

As a salesperson committed to helping others sell more, there are few things that pain me more in my professional life, than seeing salespeople drag the profession down. You know the sort of problem: lack of sales skills, lack of product knowledge, telling lies in order to win the deal. All these things bring the sales profession into disrepute.

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